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When a encounter can change a company

The encounter

In 1988, young Alfredo Ramponi, who has always been passionate about gems and minerals, met by chance Mr. Marcus Otto Schmid, a Swiss costume jewelry dealer, during a study trip abroad. Marcus tells him of the difficulties in finding synthetic crystals on the market that are light and of high quality. Alfredo accepts the challenge and, upon returning to Italy, uses the machinery of his father, an entrepreneur in the plastics industry, to create gems made from noble plastics that have the same reflective capacity as glass but weigh significantly less. Alfredo's synthetic stones receive Marcus's approval and achieve immediate success in the fashion world thanks to the participation of the fledgling company, at major trade fairs.

The innvovation

Alfredo's focus on research and development of new products quickly led Ramponi to obtain numerous patents including, in 2006, the "Taglio Ramponi" still a must-have in the fashion world. 2008 is the scene of a new revolution for Ramponi, which introduces to the market the innovative ABS studs that are much more versatile and lighter than traditional metal studs. The great success of these accessories prompts the company, in a few years, to greatly expand its production areas and lines, integrating the production of accessories with highly specialized laboratories and adopting an Integrated Management System certified according to ISO 9001 and 45001 standards.

The sustainability

Beginning in 2015, Ramponi's investments are also directed toward sustainable technologies and processes, with a focus on resource consumption and the circular economy, leading in 2023 to the introduction in its organizational chart of an office dedicated to the company's sustainability and the preparation of its annual sustainability report. Also in 2023, Ramponi also obtains ISO 14001 certification. Ramponi's extensive catalog is also enriched year by year with studs and other eco-friendly accessories in zamak and stainless steel as well as, in 2022, a new stone bezel on which the company obtains a patent. For more than 35 years, Ramponi has thus been one of the reference companies for major national and international fashion houses and for all those who care about quality, innovation and sustainability.