The environmental issue is now central, no longer only in the context of raising awareness but as a real debate that cannot be postponed, on the search for urgent solutions to cope with the emergency. This dramatic transition does not come unexpectedly for Ramponi committed to sustainability and innovation.


Ramponi adopted a well defined Corporate Social Responsibility policy based on the values of environmental protection, the enhancement of human resources and transparency. For the type of production, eco-sustainability is a fundamental value for Ramponi both for the production processes – all certified ISO 9001 and 18001 – and for the finished product.

  Our eco-sustainable studs are:
  • Recyclable and free of petrolatum
  • Originated from renewable sources

Our embroidery threads are

  • Made from recycled PET


With a view to transparency and stable commitment, a code has been prepared containing the company’s “Sustainability Guidelines” which focuses on energy saving and the use of alternative energies (solar panels, energy-saving lighting energy, latest generation machinery with reduced consumption and low environmental impact), which indicates protocols to avoid the waste of natural resources through the use of recycled, recyclable and / or biodegradable materials but also with small precautions in the daily behavior in the company. Of great importance is the control that Ramponi carries out on its suppliers regarding the environmental impact of their activities, thus also raising awareness among the players in its production chain and guaranteeing the end customer a product that meets high standards not only of quality but also of ethics.