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Step by step, weaving the future with sustainability

By doing business responsibly, we aim to contribute to improving the quality of life of people and the local area, promoting the harmonious balance between economic growth, social responsibility and environmental protection in compliance with regulations and sustainability principles.


Preserving & Protecting

Our environmental values are guided by the principles of precaution, preventive action and correcting pollution at the source. Our company is equipped with 3 photovoltaic systems for a total solar panel area of about 800 square meters capable of providing the energy needed to cover about 22% of our needs. Adhering to the principles of circular economy, we reintroduce about 97% of production waste into the production cycle and prefer supplies of recycled and recyclable materials. We employ recycled and recyclable Bio-Based materials in addition to traditional raw materials. We monitor consumption and implement periodic maintenance on all facilities. We involve our employees in environmental protection with awareness campaigns. Our Integrated Management System is certified according to ISO 14001 standards.


Enhancing & promoting

We have introduced some specific activities to ensure a good quality of life in the company, such as: constant training, surveys conducted on staff, safety behaviors to provide safe, stimulating and rewarding workplaces. We promote interpersonal relations with clear, transparent, objective and meritocratic management of people-to-people relations. Gender equality and respect for the peculiarities of each, are our founding values as well as safety in the workplace, and this is through the adoption of an Integrated Management System on Workers' Health and Safety certified according to ISO 45001 standards.


Respect the rules and promote sustainable development

Legality, fairness and transparency are inescapable values of our actions. In fact, our organization is called upon to respect and implement the Code of Ethics, also involving our suppliers in adhering to the principles contained therein. We therefore condemn any behavior by anyone engaged in, aimed at altering market rules, the fairness of business relationships and the truthfulness of data and information contained in financial statements, reports or other non-financial corporate communications. We set goals and report on our sustainability activities in the annual Sustainability Report. We have introduced into our corporate organizational chart the position of Sustainability Manager with tasks of monitoring and promoting sustainability principles. Our Integrated Quality Management System, is certified according to ISO 9001 standards.

Ethics and

Equipped with an annual sustainability report and a Code of Ethics shared with our suppliers, we place care for the health, safety of employees and the environment at the basis of our actions, knowing that acting ethically and thinking sustainably produce effects in both relationships and product quality.

Code<br>of Ethics

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