Internal Lab

Ramponi invested a lots in innovative technological machines and in handmade craft work. A fusion of techniques that Creates stylish products and patterns .  An internal lab of application that develop your products like a high quality detailed jewel:

Internal Style Department

A professional coordinated team work, allow Ramponi to create exclusive creative and stylish proposals . We offer to companies a partnership  to develop your ideas.  Your projects are realized and kept confidential. Ramponi takes very seriously intellectual property , we do guaranteed by rigid codes of conduct. 


Vip Service

Thanks to our design department and to our style team, Ramponi S.p.A. is an ideal partner to realize projects, unique pieces,  for special Events. Dresses, accessories for shows catwalk, concert, events; thanks to Ramponi shining and precious details to embellish  your design. Our highly skilled team is available for providing assistance to the customers also at their headquarters.





Research and Development Department

Higly qualified team that develop projects and we are using a 3D technology to make scale 1:1 prototypes. Our research team constantly is searching out eco-sustainable materials and application develop.