The new OT-LAS Way-S laser centre allows us to carry out works on fabrics and leathers such as:
– Cutting
– Micro-holes
– Digging
– Marking

Laser centre has been combined with a GX system to dig out insoles, created to satisfy a more than required necessity for the shoe-making industry. The system allows a thickness reduction of insoles to which a vamp (especially a vamp for sandals) will then be added during manufacturing of the shoe. This operation has traditionally been performed with old techniques more expensive and laborious.
Today at Ramponi, the laser production works as follows:
– Elaborating the paths to dig our using specific software which previews what will be done

– Positioning the pair of insoles on a special reference system which allows to define the angle at which the laser hits the material

– Choosing, through the use of software, parameters (speed, power, number of lines, type of digging, depth of digging, etc.) used to obtain the best possible quality (without marking or burning the material)

– Working the material (amount of time which vary between one and two minutes, based on the number of digs required)
The added value brought by this technology is the flexibility to combine fashionable design and finishes with an extremely advanced industrial system.

The amazing newness is that these manufacturing processes are carried out on:

– Surfaces up to 1.000 x 2.000 mm of single useful area
– Single vamps and flat insoles with moulding up to 160 mm

The significant characteristic of the galvanometric plant, which Ramponi’s system is supplied with, is the clear improvement of hourly production in comparison with the normal plotter systems present on the market up to now.
The reduction in times and costs is significant, for example:
– Working with plotters: 13 minutes per pair
– Working with the galvanometric plant: 46 seconds per pair

Furthermore, it is possible to obtain productions that a plotter system would not be able to achieve, like micro-removal works.