1988-1990 ​

Alfredo Ramponi, seduced by the brightness of stones and mineral since he was a child, during a study trip had met by chance Mr Marcus Otto Schmid, a Swiss merchant of jewelry.Marcus showed the need to find synthetic components, which have to be both lightweight and of high quality.Therefore, it started Alfredo’s challenge: he came back to Italy and, thanks to the machineries of his father, who was an entrepreneur in the plastic sector, Alfredo created his first synthetic crystal, called in this way because produced with noble plastic with the same reflective ability of the glass, but lighter.
Marcus soon approved Alfredo’s synthetic crystals and, in occasion of the first debut at Linea Pelle Fair in Florence, they obtained the approval of the fashion sector.
Therefore, it started the reconversion of the familiar firm and the beginning of a new and bright adventure.


Thanks to the great success of Ramponi’s synthetic crystals, Alfredo was able to improve the structure of the company, through the integration of new unit of production and investments in R&S, in order to guarantee always-ongoing stability, growth and improvement. The challenge was to strengthen the approval of the product Ramponi, both over Italian borders and all around the world. The company became the symbol of quality, creativity and innovation typical of Made in Italy, taking part at Modamont Fair in Paris.Alfredo studied a new and exclusive cut for his stones: “Ramponi’s cut”, protected by an international patent registered in 2006.
The cut consisted in an exclusive treatment, which transforms the synthetic material in precious stones boasting the best brightness and originality, reducing the specific weight to the minimum

2008-2012 ​

Ramponi started the production of ABS studs, combining, in this way, the quality, the resistance and the lightness that characterize the Ramponi product since ever, offering a wide range of shapes, colours and finishing, even customized. It was launched the Global Planning System Project, whose objective was the introduction of an integrated company model. With the project Management for processes, the Company organization was restructured, introducing a Marketing Area.

2013-2015 ​

Besides the always-new lines of product, Ramponi broadened its own core business betting on services addressed to the fashion world. The investments brought to the acquisition of new technologies for both laser and stapling manufacturer and the development of application department. At the same time, new areas dedicated to laboratories were acquired. The surface for the production became 2800mq.
Sustainability became the main theme of the policy: the company created an ethic code and a social balance going towards new projects dedicated to company welfare.
It was installed a photovoltaic system and it was established an internal Decalogue in order to reduce wastefulness and to protect environment.


The company bought a new hangar for the production, and enriched it with high technology machineries with six new lines of production completely automated, in order to increase productivity reducing timing.
In addition, stocks were automatized to better manage orders and deliveries.
The surface dedicated to the production became 5000mq.
Ramponi Accomplished quality certification ISO 9001 e 18001.

2018-2019 ​

Ramponi introduced among its lines of production both embroidery by machine and handmade, thanks to avant-garde machineries and to the high level of specialization of its coworkers, so as to guarantee the quality of handmade, even by using high technology. Today Ramponi is strengthening its vocation of eco-friendly company with investments for the study of new technologies and new materials, in order to guarantee eco-friendly and always high quality products.


Ramponi introduced new customized metal accessories; moreover  our company focuses on customers’ needs, introduced in their own products portfolio sustainable studs.