What are…

What are the minimum order amount for stones/studs manufacturing?

Minimum lot: 1000 pieces per size and colour. Minimum invoice amount: €100 

What are the minimum order amount for thermo-adhesive production?

Minimum lot: 10 grs per size and colour, subject to stock availability. Minimum invoice amount: €100

What are the usual delivery terms?

Approximately 2-3 weeks. Products with a complex processing cycle: 3-4 weeks.

How much does a customized thermo-adhesive pattern cost? Do you require a minimum order amount?

Usually, the start-up costs for a simple pattern are equal to €25; there are no minimum order requirements; however, the price changes based on the ordered quantities. Minimum invoice amount: €100.

Patents, shapes, colours…

Is it possible to develop exclusive shapes for stones/studs?

Yes, as long as the Customer agrees to share the mould costs.

How much does a mould cost?

The cost varies depending on the shape and size of the requested component, as well as on the quality of the mould.

Is it possible to sample colours?

Yes, provided the minimum orders quantities, to be defined based on the size of the requested stones or studs, are complied with.

Could customers request a stockpile supply?

Yes, our company can manage customer-dedicated stocks.

How can I…

How can I stick FQ and HQ heat-adhesive stones?

By means of a press.

Can I do it without special finishing machinery?

Studs with nails can be applied without having to use particular machines: a stud applicator is used (depending on shape/size), which assembles the stud to the previously inserted nail, through the use of a rubber hammer.

Do you supply the instruments to attach the studs?

Ramponi® can supply a SUCTION KIT preset for the simultaneous use of 4 stud applicator, even with different shapes. Everything works by connecting the kit to a compressed air machine, in order to create a vacuum that allows the stud to be sucked by the stud applicator, thus making it easier to apply the stud to the support.

How can I attach the heat-adhesive transfers?

By means of a press for composite patterns or, for the application of individual stones, by using a thermo-vacuum or ultrasound machine.

What are the washing directions for adorned clothing with Ramponi stones and studs?

Ramponi®'s products can be washed in gentle washing cycles. Moreover, at the Customer’s request the products can be subjected to a special treatment that allows them to be dry-cleaned.

Are Ramponi products tested?

The company has drawn up technical specifications that contain the list of tests to which our range of products has been subjected: WEAR/AGING/RESISTANCE TO DOMESTIC-INDUSTRIAL WASHING CYCLES/RESISTANCE TO ARTIFICIAL LIGHTS AND TO UV LIGHTS

The lab…

1) Could you assist me for manufacturing purposes in order to give shape to my idea?

Yes, you can. Ramponi®’s office can help you find the best solution in terms of style, specifically developed for the customer.

2) I have seen a stylistic creation in a Ramponi collection, is it possible to tailor it?

Yes, it can. All our collection processing methods can be adapted to the Customer's fabric (cotton, canvas, denim, etc.) or leather. It is also possible to adapt a pattern to a specific cut piece (collar, pocket, shoe upper, etc.) as well as to customize its colours and finishes.

3) I would like to develop finishes on my items, are you able to perform them?

Yes, we can. Our Application Laboratory is structured so as to work directly on pieces of fabric/leather provided by the customer.

Is it possible to modify finished products?

No, except for situations to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To obtain the best results possible, opened cut pieces of fabric/leather must be supplied to the Application Department for better processing.