Abs studs manufacturing process is automated:

  • the first stage is carried out with machines and molds structured for daily production
  • The second phase has been automated through the use of robots which transfer the products in a short amount of time, thus guaranteeing productive ability and flexibility even
  • in the face of significant throughput
  • The third stage is one of our strengths: the final selection. Ramponi® has entered this stage in order to guarantee the highest quality of our products.

Manufacturing stones process is semi-automated:

  • The first phase is carried out with multi-shape machinery and moulds, which are structured for daily production
  • The second phase is the final selection where a 100% control on production guarantees certified quality in delivered goods.


We would like to point out that the final selection takes place using panoplies: products are placed in folders in order to verify their quality, while in the printing process we have put in place checks during the production of the lot.