For over thirty years our company specialized in the plastic molding sector

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Molding plastic department

Ramponi includes a fleet of 22 Engel presses and 1 Boy press for microinjection molding, whose range varies from 22 to 150 tons. The presses are robotized and fed with a centralized transport system for dehumidified material for each individual machine. Most of the presses are without columns, which facilitates the insertion of the mold. It is possible to use these machines for injection molding of small pieces, also inserting oversized molds.

50% of the machine park is equipped with a manipulator for piece pick-up and piece unloading according to the various needs. The presses are equipped with hydraulic jacks for handling and unscrewing; the latter also mount universal screws and are able to print the entire range of plastic materials for the world of injection. In the machine park available, we also have a flexible, high-performance and sophisticated electric press, capable of guaranteeing constant quality and cleaning in the name of maximum efficiency. The smaller presses are equipped with inmould device to allow the mirroring of the pieces directly in the mold. Some presses are equipped with automatic blanking which allows for short cycles and at the same time a high number of pieces.

technical features


The main pillar of Ramponi is the ability to produce and engineer any shape / model related to all accessories, with the possibility of obtaining the prototyping of the same within 48 hours, thanks to the use of a latest generation 3D printer. The company is oriented towards respect for the environment, workers and customers, also having a code of ethics, internal quality procedures and important certifications such as UNI ISO 9001 (quality management system) and UNI ISO 45001 ( workplace safety and health management system).

Our production plant can be considered highly eco-sustainable, in fact the company uses low energy consumption machinery by exploiting the production of energy from solar panels installed on all company roofs. All our production waste plastics are recycled / reused directly at the company or sold, in case of impossibility to treat them internally, to companies able to reuse them as second choice material.



Thanks to the professionalism of a dedicated team and continuous investment in Research and Development, the company has specialized in all stages of plastic molding using different types of technopolymers.

In fact, we treat:

  • All poliammide PA
  •  Polipropilene PP
  • Policarbonato PC
  • Polistirene PS
  • Poliossimetilene POM
  • Polietilene PE
  • Gomma termoplastica TR
  • Acrilonitrile butadiene stirolo ABS
  • Polimetilmetacrilato PMMA
  • Polisulfone PSU
  • Polistirene antiurto PS-HI
  • Polibutilentereftalato PBT


Third Party Molding

Ramponi, specialized in the molding of very small components, can also carry out third parties for various sectors: furniture, mechanics, electronics, cosmetics, automotive and components. We are also able to offer a painting, galvanizing and assembly service.La Ramponi specializzata nello stampaggio di piccolissimi componenti, può effettuare anche il conto terzi per vari settori: arredamento, meccanica, elettronica, cosmetica, automotive e componentistica. Siamo in grado di offrire inoltre un servizio di verniciatura, galvanizzazione e assemblaggio.




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