Ramponi®’s main focus is client’s satisfaction. In order to achieve it and offer a complete service, the company has been investing in productive technologies and in its way of working.

To go along with customers during the manufacturing process, several departments have been set up such as the studs and rhinestones application, stapling and laser processing departments based on flexibility but able to ensure reliable delivery times.

Ramponi® decided to increase its possibility to provide a more complete service by establishing an Application Laboratory (for footwear, clothing, bags…) and a Pronged studs Center.  The enterprise provides fashionable and sparkling stones and creative studs; moreover now supplies innovative and exclusive embellishment and garnishing techniques. Ramponi® established the OT-LAS Way- S laser center, equipped with a high-tech machinery of latest generation, which allows precise manufacturing such as cutting and micro-puncturing, marking and labeling

on leather and thick fabrics and engraving insoles with the GX insole engraving system. Furthermore, Ramponi® invested in the stapling work center, made up of pneumatic machines with replaceable loaders. The machinery is versatile and precise: it allows the application of studs of varying sizes and shapes in a few minutes with a sharp reduction of costs.
This successful match allows Ramponi® to fully satisfy fashion and shoe industries’ requirements.



Generating new creations is the highest opportunity to show our knowledge, expertise and passion. Ramponi® deals with innovative stones and studs production, offering the benefit of ‘Made-in-Italy’.
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Application Lab

The Company heads for customers’ needs in order to satisfy their demands. To prove it the application lab has been set-up… Offering the best Made-in-Italy service and ensuring excellence and safety … this is how Ramponi®wins over its partners.
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Laser Lab

Ramponi® has decided to increase its ability to offer a more complete service, by establishing a laser center.
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Production area for studs with prongs

Ramponi® principal aim has always been to offer a more complete and articulated range of goods and services. To this end, the Company has invested in a new business area: branded products.
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In order to guarantee its unique products, Ramponi’s creativity plays a main role. All the production steps – from R&D to technical office and application laboratory- develop inside the company.

The company keeps on testing innovative aspects, solutions and perspectives for its clients. This is the key of an exciting and long lasting relationship with them.

Ramponi® gains the trust of its customers thanks to its reliability and the specific attention paid on details and especially on clients. To achieve this purpose technical office, style department and application laboratory work together to support clients to create unique products.
The technical office aims at contextualizing customers’ ideas, giving a voice to designers’ creativity.
From the creation of artworks to the production of garments, passing through

the arrangement of components, Ramponi® uses specific software and automated machines.
The technical office and style department cooperates to develop new items, giving particular attention to details. These products  are then showed with different shapes and matches in new collections, in order to provide suggestions to fashion designers.