In 1988, Alfredo Ramponi inherited his father’s company, a model of excellence in the processing of plastic items and, after a chance meeting with Marcus Hotto Schmid, a Swiss trader in the fashion jewellery industry, he started his new adventure. Alfredo Ramponi’s passion for the world of stones and minerals flared up and soon he created the first synthetic crystal, which got its name from the use of noble plastics and because of its ability to reflect all characteristics of glass.


In 1990 Alfredo Ramponi took place in his first tradeshow, “Linea Pelle” (or ‘Leather Line’) at Fortezza da Basso in Florence.


In 2000, the Company represented the ‘Made-in-Italy’ quality over the world by having a role in the Modamont tradeshow in Paris.


In 2002 Ramponi® evolved its industrial structure with a new productive unit. From then on, Ramponi® has become a reference point for these works. The investments in R&D guarantee both the company and its clients the fruits of constant improvement. This is a great challenge…


In 2008 the Company began its production of studs in “ABS” bringing together quality, endurance and lightness, while offering a wide variety of shapes and custom finishes.


In 2011 the GLOBAL PLANNING SYSTEM project was launched with the aim to introduce an ideal integrated management.


In 2012 with the Business Processes Model of Management Project, Ramponi restructured the Company structure, introducing production planning and strategic marketing area.


In 2013 a new company area of 400 square meters was set up to be entirely dedicated to the Application Laboratory.


In 2014 the Company invested in two new business fields: the use of laser and staple machines (painting of components according to sample).
In January 2014 a new productive sector was acquired. Now the surface dedicated to production process is 2800 square meters.


The Company buys t a new 1400 sq.m plant, entirely committed to the production. That creates an increase in productivity, also guaranteeing lead-time reduction, thanks to the new six production lines completely robotized.
The Factory gets to Asia for a new fair event in Japan, by attending the two editions of Tokyo Leather Fair.


Ramponi starts his cooperation with Politecnico University Milano, MAINLY focusing on energy efficiency. All that has been accompanied by  relevant growing of workforce  and interest to new welfare factory programs.

  • 1. Social Balance, Code of Ethics, Governance

    Ramponi® wants to spread clearly the entrepreneurial dimension principles and, at the same time, to take care of the quality of life of community members in which is involved.

  • 2. Patents and certifications

    Ramponi® patents every single new creation, matching it with the most appropriate certification. In this way, our Company guarantees both the uniqueness of the manufacturing process and the product quality as set out in the standards for certification.

  • 3. Product range, differentiation, manufacture, internal lab.

    Ramponi® competitive advantage comes from the differentiation and variety of the product range, to which are matched various manufacturing processes, applications and finishes which the client can request and which can be produced to a very high quality standard in our internal lab.

  • 4. Client portfolio: word of mouth.

    Our client portfolio contains major international designers in the high fashion industry. The Company’s professionalism and expertise have spontaneously created a positive word of mouth between all the market players.

  • 5. Quality Assurance.

    Ramponi® has its own internal Quality Assurance, which boasts statistical techniques that allow us to guarantee the client as to the fulfilment of all the required and desired quality standards.

  • 6. Research & Development, innovation.

    R&D is a continuous process that ensures a high and constant level of innovation, not only relating products, but also in relation to the manufacturing process and the technologies applied. Human Resources are a key factor for our success as they are highly qualified, with unique competences and constantly educated. They truly are the company’s intellectual capital.



We all work together to ensure quality products for our customers by activating the levers of our creativity, design and implementation for unique products.
We are driven by the desire to focus on different aspects and perspectives for our customers by creating a virtuous, long-lasting and exciting relationship with them.


Creating new products and applications is the most concrete chance to show off our knowledge and passion. We also value any and all suggestions our clients bring to us.Enthusiasm is our strength, the energy with which, day after day, we bring our ideas to life, making them feasible and evermore brilliant.
Through this approach we are able to get to the hearts of people, making them part of our entire creative process. The relationship between the client and our Company lead to a unique creative merge.
We give the client the chance to put himself into a shiny and precious world, where he is the absolute main character. Faced with a creation decorated with rhinestone, the glow emitted by it adds value to both the product and people.


Ramponi® is based on continuous innovation and has chosen to patent its products under the Registered Community Design (RCD).
From the Technical Office to the Laboratory application all production stages of the product come into the reality inside the factory which also houses a department for coating sample components and laser machines for any incisions on the leathers and tissues. In order to maintain its high quality standards, Ramponi® has chosen the OEKO-TEX certification for its products, thus guaranteeing greater safety and transparency in its production and supply relations.